6 Things to Follow When Making A Thank You Card!

thank you card is one of the simple ways to show your gratitude to others. The application of this card is not only limited to individuals but also for businesses. That is why you may get the card after making a transaction to buy something. Besides, thank you cards are super easy to create, especially if you want to make the card in bulk such as for business or wedding events. If you are interested in making it either for special occasions or business purpose, there are a few things that you need to follow in the making process. So, here are some of them! 

1. Font Type, Size and Colour 

Actually, on the first point, there are three things that you need to be considered, including font size, font type, and font colour. Why? All of these three will determine the legibility of your thank you cards. So, you have to choose the right type, size, and colour of the font that is easy for everyone to read. 

Note: Make sure the font colour contrasts with the background. 

2. Additional information 

Especially for business thank you cards, you can add more additional information to the cards. Frequently, many businesses put their contact, social media, QR codes, or even a promotion code for the next transaction on the card. Additional information usually is added for various purposes. But most businesses use it as a way to promote their brand or provide some information that makes people easier to reach them. 

3. Important Word 

There are some words that you would like to emphasize their meaning? Or maybe some important words that should be seen first by the audience? If you have some, then you should set them in bold. By doing it, readers must be easier to notice some important words or keywords on the cards. 

4. Typographical Errors 

Take a few moments to make sure there aren’t any typos on the card. There are a lot of consequences of typos! From making the reader confused or even lose the opportunity to get calls from customers. Since many things can happen, it’s a good idea to check for typos on your thank you card before it is printed or given to the recipient. 

5. The Design of Your Thank You Card 

Actually, the design has a role in the process of making a thank you card. But the role is not as important as its message. Because of that, keep the design simple so that people focus more on its message rather than the design. Plus, it can also make the card look clean and easy to read. 

6. Materials and Printing 

When making a thank you card, you should know that there are lots of materials that can be used to make the card. Starting from artcards, marble white shimmering cards, matt materials, or many more materials to choose from. To choose the right material, you can consider it based on your needs and budget. Also, to get a thank you card that is pleasing to the eye, it is recommended that you go to a printing service instead of printing your card at home. Since print quality determines the appearance of your card, that’s why you should go to a trusted one!