6 Things to Follow When Making A Thank You Card!

thank you card is one of the simple ways to show your gratitude to others. The application of this card is not only limited to individuals but also for businesses. That is why you may get the card after making a transaction to buy something. Besides, thank you cards are super easy to create, especially if you want to make the card in bulk such as for business or wedding events. If you are interested in making it either for special occasions or business purpose, there are a few things that you need to follow in the making process. So, here are some of them! 

1. Font Type, Size and Colour 

Actually, on the first point, there are three things that you need to be considered, including font size, font type, and font colour. Why? All of these three will determine the legibility of your thank you cards. So, you have to choose the right type, size, and colour of the font that is easy for everyone to read. 

Note: Make sure the font colour contrasts with the background. 

2. Additional information 

Especially for business thank you cards, you can add more additional information to the cards. Frequently, many businesses put their contact, social media, QR codes, or even a promotion code for the next transaction on the card. Additional information usually is added for various purposes. But most businesses use it as a way to promote their brand or provide some information that makes people easier to reach them. 

3. Important Word 

There are some words that you would like to emphasize their meaning? Or maybe some important words that should be seen first by the audience? If you have some, then you should set them in bold. By doing it, readers must be easier to notice some important words or keywords on the cards. 

4. Typographical Errors 

Take a few moments to make sure there aren’t any typos on the card. There are a lot of consequences of typos! From making the reader confused or even lose the opportunity to get calls from customers. Since many things can happen, it’s a good idea to check for typos on your thank you card before it is printed or given to the recipient. 

5. The Design of Your Thank You Card 

Actually, the design has a role in the process of making a thank you card. But the role is not as important as its message. Because of that, keep the design simple so that people focus more on its message rather than the design. Plus, it can also make the card look clean and easy to read. 

6. Materials and Printing 

When making a thank you card, you should know that there are lots of materials that can be used to make the card. Starting from artcards, marble white shimmering cards, matt materials, or many more materials to choose from. To choose the right material, you can consider it based on your needs and budget. Also, to get a thank you card that is pleasing to the eye, it is recommended that you go to a printing service instead of printing your card at home. Since print quality determines the appearance of your card, that’s why you should go to a trusted one!

How to Thrive In Every Business Using Stickers

Business is one of the activities undertaken to survive. The mix of business and stickers has been around for a long time. sticker provide new space and new colors in various industries such as retail, fast fashion, and food. If you pay attention, almost every fruit in the supermarket has a small sticker attached to it as a brand marker. Likewise with the clothes you wear, sizes and labels, as well as additional merchandise which mostly use stickers. 

Maybe you are wondering, what is my point? In this article, we will discuss how stickers can be a small complementary yet very influential to your business. 

1. Sense of Exclusivity 

Have you ever seen famous brands from the relatively affordable to the very expensive and luxurious items? What characterized them? You may answer unique patterns, motifs, and logos that they have and are not owned by other competitors’ brands. Try to look in more detail and carefully, their merchandise and product equipment is very complete, and stickers are always there. Whether it’s in the packaging box or the product. The stickers they use are made in such a way as to stand out and last a long time, and of course not carelessly. It exudes an aura of exclusivity for the product and brand only. 

2. What’s Unique About You. 

In the initial preparation process, until the sticker is finished, it goes through a series of stages. Starting from the preparation, determining the design, color, size, shape, and quantity. All of these aspects must be able to represent what is unique about your brand or organization’s image. You are also advised to do market research to ensure that the logo you create is not the same and is not being used by other competitors. Highlight your uniqueness through visual displays and ensure you have a solid competitive advantage. 

3. Having a Selling Power 

If you are struggling in the commercial business industry, then you will want to make stickers that sell, not just as a complementary. How to make stickers that have selling power? In essence, you need to make stickers that are different and appealing look. This can be done by diversifying the image, color, and logo simultaneously. You can also provide services for making or selling custom stickers that are ready to be marketed. That way, not only do you have your own brand that uses stickers as its trademark, but you also sell the stickers itself. 

4. Keep Innovating 

Innovation is an idea, and practice that is based and accepted as new things by a certain person or group to be applied or adopted in their lives. If you want your business to thrive and continue to survive the storms of competition, you must innovate on the products you present, along with maintaining your customer satisfaction. This innovation process occurs continuously in human life because of the desire to do something easier, faster, and have a pleasant look. By innovating, you will continue to think and look for new strategies and ideas to meet consumer needs. Good luck! 

Consider These 4 Things for Express Name Card Printing

For a professional, a name card is essential. It is a way to properly introduce yourself to the other important people in your line of work. A well-designed name card can make the right first impression and make the encounter more meaningful. It can also help people remember about you better, thus further assist you in ensuring the success of your business in a simple way.

If you need to get your name card immediately, you should consider the service of express name card printing. With this, you can get your name card produced in a shorter time compared to the regular service.

But before you go for an express name card printing service, you should get your design ready and make sure that it is free of mistake so that you can immediately get your name card without errors.

1. Decide on a Paper Stock

The quality of paper stock that you choose can really affect the overall quality of your name card. If you have a high-quality design, you won’t be able to get a satisfactory result without a proper paper stock choice. Paper stock varies in quality, durability, weight, price, and many more. So you have to know the quality that you want to achieve and the budget that you have so that you can get the best option depending on your resources and goals.

2. Name Card Shape and Size

In this era of technology, you can get any shape and size that you want for your name card. But, you have to make sure that it is appropriate for your target audience. If you are in strictly formal business, then you should most likely consider the common format of 3.5 inches by 2 inches. However, if you are in a line of work that is more leisured, then you can consider a bigger size with a unique shape. Though, since you are going for an express service, it will be much easier and quicker to produce a basic sized and shaped name card.

3. Design Resolution

To make sure that you can achieve high quality upon printing, you have to check the resolution that you design in. Ideally, for printing, you have to work in 300 dpi. This resolution is best because with this resolution, you can be sure that you will get a result that is crisp and sharp. If you don’t check for this resolution, the printing result will most likely be pixelated or stretched, which does not look good and won’t be able to help you create the look and impression that you want.

4. Printing Quantity

Surely you need to know how many name cards you want. Usually, printing services offer sets or packs of name card that amounts to a certain quantity. You can check it with the printing service of your choice regarding the quantity that you will get for each set or pack of name cards so that you can know how many sets or pack that you want to be printed. Consider printing a large quantity at a time because it will make the price per name card get lower.