Consider These Types of Poster Stands for Marketing Purposes

Trade shows or other indoor events require a specific type of marketing tool, which is posters or banners. The way you can display your posters or banners properly is by using a poster stand. Not only that, with a poster stand, but you can also create a good first impression by looking professional and you can get a higher chance of success with this marketing tool.

A poster stand is a lightweight and simple tool that is definitely affordable that even small businesses can get this marketing tool whenever they want without having to reach too deep into their pocket.

A poster stand is available in several types, which you must understand before buying one for your marketing campaign and promotional efforts.

1. X Poster Stand

The X poster stand has frames shaped like the letter X that supports the poster or banner straight against its three legs. The banners or posters are attached to the four corners using grommets that safely secure them to the poster stand.

2. L Poster Stand

Not much different from the X poster stand, the L poster stand has frames shaping the letter L with the shorter frame supporting the poster or banner on the bottom. Meanwhile, the longer frame is where the poster or banner is attached and displayed.

3. Outdoor Poster Stand

Regardless of the type, some poster stands can be suitable for outdoor uses because it is made more durable and sturdy. These types of poster stands are usually less easy to be moved or transported, but they can definitely put up with the outdoor conditions such as wind and other challenges.

4. Retractable Poster Stand

The retractable poster stand is popular due to its convenience, versatility, and ease of set up. If you are a complete beginner, you should definitely go for this. It is especially great for small businesses with limited budgets because it is affordable compared to the other types. This type of poster stand is often best for indoor uses, but some are strong enough for outdoors as well.

Since some of the poster stands can be used both indoors and outdoors, a good choice of poster or banner material becomes very important. The most common two types of poster or banner material are vinyl and fabric. They are very different from each other and they propose different advantages and disadvantages as well.

If you are looking for a material that can give your graphic a little bit of shine with high quality printing results, then you can choose to use vinyl material. However, unfortunately, this type of material might reflect light and make it difficult to read under certain circumstances. Still, it is definitely a material worth to choose due to its durability.

As for the fabric material, it is lighter and does not get crumpled or wrinkled easily. However, the colors printed on this type of material can wear off quicker than the vinyl material. Although, it does not reflect light so it can be read whenever possible.