Printing Tips for a Beautiful Certificate

Since a certificate is given as a sign to appreciate someone for their achievement, it needs to look attractive as well as special so that it can truly represent how meaningful the occasion is. There are several things that need to be considered during the designing process of a certificate, whether you are an award organizer or a graphic designer. Designing a certificate may be simple because the content usually does not vary much and does not require certain creativity to arrange the words. However, the design of the borders, other ornaments on the design, as well as the choice of paper become more important. You should also pay attention to the choice of finishes and even inks when it comes to certificate printing in Singapore.

Here are a few useful tips that you can try to implement for a more attractive certification printing.

1. Embossing or Debossing

This type of finish is famous not only for certificates, but also for other stationeries such as name cards or even flyers, brochures, and others. Embossing and debossing are the type of finish that applies to paper, where a certain area of the surface can get elevated or pushed down according to a specific design using two metal plates against each other that sandwich the paper.

Embossing and debossing are very common but they can truly give a distinct look and emphasize an area, making the entirety of the certificate look more elegant. Be careful not to overdo embossing and debossing. Meaning that it is best to keep it to a minimum instead of doing it to too many parts of the certificate.

2. Metallic Foil Stamp

Metallic foil stamp or also known as hot foil stamping is one of the great final touches you can choose for a certificate. It creates a pronounced sheen and smooth appearance on certain parts that you choose to apply it to. This part will look glimmering, making it possible to appear more expensive and extraordinary.

Metallic foil stamping works by stamping a heated metal onto a side of the paper that leaves a pronounced sheen. The result of a metallic foil stamp is smoother than a metallic ink, and it is available in various colors.

3. Metallic Ink

Metallic inking can also be your choice in order to make a certificate look more appealing. The result of metallic inking on a paper does not appear so much different from a metallic foil stamp. It is, however, a cheaper alternative that still looks more luxurious than standard CMYK color ink. Metallic ink is a type of ink that contains a slight amount of metal that makes it possible to have a shiny look, for example copper, bronze, aluminum, or zinc.

4.Paper Type

There are many types of papers available for certificate printing. Each of them has different look, quality, characteristics, and different durability as well. They usually also vary in weight, thus they have different thicknesses and some of them may not be suitable for certain types of finish. Make sure you first understand the differences between each and their characteristics so that you can choose the most suitable for your certificate.

Consider These 4 Things for Express Name Card Printing

For a professional, a name card is essential. It is a way to properly introduce yourself to the other important people in your line of work. A well-designed name card can make the right first impression and make the encounter more meaningful. It can also help people remember about you better, thus further assist you in ensuring the success of your business in a simple way.

If you need to get your name card immediately, you should consider the service of express name card printing. With this, you can get your name card produced in a shorter time compared to the regular service.

But before you go for an express name card printing service, you should get your design ready and make sure that it is free of mistake so that you can immediately get your name card without errors.

1. Decide on a Paper Stock

The quality of paper stock that you choose can really affect the overall quality of your name card. If you have a high-quality design, you won’t be able to get a satisfactory result without a proper paper stock choice. Paper stock varies in quality, durability, weight, price, and many more. So you have to know the quality that you want to achieve and the budget that you have so that you can get the best option depending on your resources and goals.

2. Name Card Shape and Size

In this era of technology, you can get any shape and size that you want for your name card. But, you have to make sure that it is appropriate for your target audience. If you are in strictly formal business, then you should most likely consider the common format of 3.5 inches by 2 inches. However, if you are in a line of work that is more leisured, then you can consider a bigger size with a unique shape. Though, since you are going for an express service, it will be much easier and quicker to produce a basic sized and shaped name card.

3. Design Resolution

To make sure that you can achieve high quality upon printing, you have to check the resolution that you design in. Ideally, for printing, you have to work in 300 dpi. This resolution is best because with this resolution, you can be sure that you will get a result that is crisp and sharp. If you don’t check for this resolution, the printing result will most likely be pixelated or stretched, which does not look good and won’t be able to help you create the look and impression that you want.

4. Printing Quantity

Surely you need to know how many name cards you want. Usually, printing services offer sets or packs of name card that amounts to a certain quantity. You can check it with the printing service of your choice regarding the quantity that you will get for each set or pack of name cards so that you can know how many sets or pack that you want to be printed. Consider printing a large quantity at a time because it will make the price per name card get lower.

How Much Cost to Set Up a Company in Singapore?

When you register a company in Singapore, the process is speedy, secure and free. The process is very safe, and everyone gets hassle-free registration procedures. Of course, the cost also limits according to the business size. So, you will find out a simple process to get into the setting up a company in Singapore process. The registration process is online, quick, and provides efficient work. Before registering the company in Singapore, you must follow the necessary things.

  • Name approval
  • Document preparation
  • Company registration

The company set up in Singapore must fulfill the annual filing requirements to stay away from hassles. All Singapore companies must undergo to accounting books in order. Therefore, you should consider yearly financial statements regarding convenient solution forever. It includes the company details when you register according to your needs. You can obtain a company business profile by accessing with incorporation permanently. It comes with a PDF file that accessed within an hour. It contains a particular thing to carry out without any hassles. Apart from this, it comes in PDF file format that downloaded from the official platform.

Necessary things to keep in mind

Before going for a company set up in Singapore, you should consider some points in mind.

  • Company name and registration number
  • Registration date
  • Principal business activities
  • Paid-up capital
  • Registered address
  • Particulars of shareholders/directors/company secretary

Submit official documents

This process requires soft copies of a certificate that considers legal and contractual actions. It gives them the signing of the office lease and other important matters. If the business set up begins, you should get a license or permit for a newly incorporated company. It depends on the nature of its activities. They belong to commercial activities belongs to registering a company. It must acquire business licenses and permits to grab it soon. The company set up has been guiding with a company document to consider official documents. At first, company secretary issues that share with each of the shareholder’s details. It serves as proof with ownership to meet according to user requirements. The registration in Singapore does not take much time to complete. So, people prefer this as the main concept before moving to business. It must take care of company activities after the setting up a private limited company in Singapore process. They also need to grab resolutions to fulfill their demands.

Cost is applicable

They will process your incorporation application to fulfill the desires quickly. An accounting will make sure all documents to consider with company directors and shareholders. People from certain countries might get a successful setup process without any hassles. You must pay the registrar of companies for the services upfront. A company must obtain the necessary documents at a particular time. They could be acceptable for most companies in the registration process. The cost is affordable and involves limited time. It has name approval and applies it according to user requirements. Company set up in Singapore gives outstanding benefits to the business owners. It is available before moving to the registration process. It also grabs many funding schemes for Start-ups and useful for filing agents in Singapore. It assists in delivering business owners in setting up with the registration process.